Dragonfly-2pcs-Crafts for Adults Multi Color Mosaic Kit,Insects in summer



Introducing the Dragonfly-2pcs, a comprehensive DIY kit designed specifically for mosaic art enthusiasts. This kit includes all the necessary components to create beautiful and intricate mosaic designs effortlessly. With a focus on quality and precision, the Dragonfly-2pcs ensures a professional and meticulous crafting experience. The kit features a wide range of items, including high-quality mosaic tiles, glue, and two bamboo coaster bases measuring 90mmx90mm each. Additionally, the kit includes grout, a tweezer, a sponge, a mixing bowl, and a set of detailed instructions to guide you through the entire process. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced mosaic artist, the Dragonfly-2pcs is perfect for unleashing your creativity and achieving stunning results. So, dive into the mesmerizing world of mosaic art with the Dragonfly-2pcs and let your imagination take flight.

This DIY Kit includes:
1.Mosaic tiles
3.2pcs Bamboo coaster Bases 90mmx90mm
7.Mixing bowl
8.Set of instructions