Giant tree-Affordable mosaic craft supplies



Introducing the Giant tree-Affordable mosaic craft supplies, a DIY Kit that offers everything you need to create stunning mosaic crafts. This kit includes a variety of essential materials such as mosaic tiles, glue, a bamboo coaster base measuring 155mmx155mm, grout, tweezer, sponge, a mixing bowl, and a set of detailed instructions. The mosaic tiles come in different colors and shapes, allowing you to create beautiful and intricate designs. With the included glue, you can easily adhere the tiles to the bamboo coaster base, ensuring a sturdy and lasting result. The grout provided helps to fill in the gaps between the tiles, giving your mosaic project a polished and finished look. The tweezer allows for precise placement of the tiles, while the sponge and mixing bowl assist in the grouting process. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced mosaic artist, this affordable craft supplies kit is perfect for unleashing your creativity and creating unique mosaic masterpieces. Order the Giant tree-Affordable mosaic craft supplies today and get ready to embark on a mesmerizing mosaic journey.

This DIY Kit includes:
1.Mosaic tiles
3.1pcs Bamboo coaster Bases 155mmx155mm
7.Mixing bowl
8.Set of instructions