Grape-2pcs-Handmade Mosaic Tiles Coaster



Introducing the Grape-2pcs DIY Kit, a perfect way to unleash your creativity and craftmanship! This professional and meticulous set includes all the necessary materials to create two stunning and vibrant bamboo coasters. With the exquisite selection of mosaic tiles, glue, and grout, you can effortlessly bring your vision to life. The kit also includes a tweezer and sponge for precise and smooth application, ensuring a flawless finish. The 90mmx90mm bamboo coaster bases provide a sturdy foundation for your artistic masterpiece. To assist you in the process, a mixing bowl and a set of instructions are included, guiding you step by step towards creating your personalized coasters. Not only will this kit enhance your artistic skills, but it will also provide a functional and visually appealing addition to your home decor. Experience the joy of crafting with the Grape-2pcs DIY Kit and create unique coasters that reflect your style and creativity.

This DIY Kit includes:
1.Mosaic tiles
3.2pcs Bamboo coaster Bases 90mmx90mm
7.Mixing bowl
8.Set of instructions