Smile-2pcs-Glass Mosaic DIY Kit,2 Sets,Smiling face



Introducing Smile-2pcs, a DIY Kit designed to bring out your creative side and add a touch of elegance to your home décor. This comprehensive kit includes all the necessary materials to create beautiful mosaic coasters. The package contains mosaic tiles in various colors, along with a reliable glue that ensures a strong and durable bond. With 2pcs Bamboo coaster bases measuring 95mmx95mm, you can effortlessly craft stunning coasters that will impress your guests. The kit also includes grout to finish the project with a professional touch. Additionally, you will find a tweezer and a sponge for easy application and cleaning, respectively. The mixing bowl provided allows you to effortlessly mix the grout and achieve the desired consistency. To guide you through the process, a set of detailed instructions is included, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience. With Smile-2pcs, you can unleash your creativity and create unique mosaic coasters that will add a touch of charm to any space.

This DIY Kit includes:
1.Mosaic tiles
3.2pcs Bamboo coaster Bases 95mmx95mm
7.Mixing bowl
8.Set of instructions