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Allow me to introduce myself, my name is NING, and I'm the founder of the easy&peasy brand. Way back in 2015, my friends and I started a community just for women entrepreneurs. We organized all sorts of offline DIY workshops, hoping to bring people a unique lifestyle experience. Fast forward to 2020, a big year for me, a real game-changer. With everyone staying home and spending more time with their families, I had this thought: why should DIY activities be confined to these workshops? How can we make it so everyone can enjoy these crafts in the comfort of their own homes, whenever they want? That's when I launched the easy&peasy brand. Our goal is to make every craft project feel like a piece of cake for our customers! We've crafted each product with attention to detail, providing all the materials you need and simplifying the instructions so that even total beginners can pull it off. We're all about creating an experience where people aren't just making a finished product, but also unwinding and having fun. And what's better, you can do it together with your family, building stronger bonds and shared memories. So, I'm inviting you to check out our products and kickstart your own DIY adventure. Let's make crafting easy peasy!


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